Beautification Award Nomination

Beautification Award Nomination Form

City of Oxford, Alabama

145 Hamric Drive East (P.O. Box 3383), Oxford, AL 36203


I hereby nominate the following Oxford property for a City of Oxford Beautification Board Award:



Address for Property being nominated:
Owners Name (if known):
Phone No.:
Submitted By:
Reason for Nomination:

Please looks over these descriptions and choose one above:

Building Exteriors (Remodel, upgrade or renovation making use of quality materials and finishes; use of architectural details)

Walls, Fences, and Gates (New or replacement of fence or wall making use of quality materials, enhancing overall aesthetics)

Landscape (New or replacement of landscaping making use of a variety of plants, use of color, healthy and well trimmed, well maintained)

Maintenance (Clean, free of trash, fresh paint, well kept property)

Other (will be able to explain below:  upgrades appearance of neighborhood; repair/rehabilitation of historic site; creative re-use of vacant site or building; mitigates safety problem (e.g., landscape graffiti covered walls))

If you chose Other, please explain: