Code Enforcement Complaint Form

City of Oxford Code Enforcement Complaint Form


Address of Property
Property Owner(s)
Occupant(s) of Property
Description of Alleged Violation
Is this an urgent situation that is creating an immediate hazard?
If Yes, Please explain:
Describe where violation is on the property (e.g. front yard, rear yard, visible from street, etc.)
How is this violation detrimentally impacting you?
Have you filed a complaint against this party before?
If Yes, how many times, when, and with which departments?
Any precautions advised? (e.g. dogs, agressive owner/occupant, suspected drug activity, guns, etc.)
Your Name
Your Address
Phone Number
If necessary, may we have permission to come on your property to view the subject violation?
Complainant properties should be free of any code violations especially if the violation property being reported is immediately adjacent to your own.  If you are unsure if you have any violations on your property; contact Code Enforcement for a free site inspection.
Some violations depending on the complexity of the issues involved may take weeks to several years to complete.
The City of Oxford does not follow up with the complainant to keep them updated on the status of a complaint.  Code violations are a matter between the City and the violator.
Please Note:  Your testimony may be required in court to successfully prosecute the violator.  All complaint forms submitted are public information.  Your contact information may be shared with the public including the owners/residents against which a complaint is filed, if such a request for information is made to the City.
The complainant certifies that he/she has personal knowledge of the facts stated in this Complaint.
Please Type Your Name As Your Signature