Environmental Outreach


**For inquiries or complaints regarding Stormwater, please go to Oxford 311.  Enter your information and select Public Works then Stormwater. Example of requests include stormwater inquiries, complaints, or to report illicit discharges.

City of Oxford Stormwater, Permits, Erosion, and Best Management Practices PDF

Important Resources:

 Alabama Department of Environmental Management
                  Education and Outreach

Clean Water Partnership                      www.alabamawaterwatch.org

Project Rose (recycle oil program)        prose.eng.ua.edu

Rain Gardens and Stream Restoration  334-844-3927

Your County Extension System           www.aces.edu

Earth 911                                          www.earth911.org



Storm Water and the Construction Industry

Does Your Construction Site Need A Stormwater Permit?

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Solution to Pollution (courtesy of the EPA)

The Role Of Local Government In Implementing The NPDES Stormwater Program For Construction Sites (courtesy of the EPA)

How Do I Get Stormwater Permit Coverage for my Construction Site (courtesy of the EPA)

Take the Stormwater Runoff Challenge (for Kids)

Who Needs Clean Water (For Kids)