City of Oxford Zoning Map & Zoning Ordinance

All zoning information can be located in the Building Services Department. We have a zoning map just like the one here online along with a map of the city limits. If you have any questions we can answer them or find someone who can. All zoning letters are requested through this department. Mike Roberts is the zoning official. Email zoning form letter to

The link below will show you our zoning map and allow you to zoom in or out to get a closer look. This map was last updated February of 2015

ZONING MAP 9-20-2013.pdf

The link below will show you  the city limits not the zoning. This map was last updated August of 2013

Oxford-BASE MAP-9-20-2013.pdf


The City of Oxford Zoning book is under the Muni code section Appendix A,  Articles 1-9