Meeting Room

Oxford Public Library Meeting Room Policy and Procedures





Policy Mission

The mission of the Oxford Public Library is to provide the highest level of service to our community. Meeting rooms in the library provide an opportunity for bringing together the resources of the library and the activities of the community.

Regulations for the Use of the Meeting Rooms

 The Meeting Rooms of the Oxford Public Library are primarily available to the following types of groups: Educational, Civic, Cultural, Governmental (meaning a group sponsored by a city, county, state or federal agency) and Community groups whose purposes are non-profit.

The Director may deny use of the Meeting Rooms to qualified groups for the following reasons:

     ▪Library sponsored programs and events take precedence over meeting room use by outside organizations. If cancellation of a scheduled program is necessary, notice will be given as soon as reasonably possible.

      ▪The group has violated a rule or misrepresented the purpose of the organization or the meeting to be held at the library.


Guidelines for Use

   ▪Banners, literature, or other signage may not be placed anywhere in the Library without the Library Directorís permission. Nothing should be hung on meeting room walls or furniture without the approval of the Library Director.

     ▪Rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis.  The Library reserves the right to relocate a group within the Library if circumstances warrant.

     ▪Room setup is the responsibility of the group using the meeting room.  Any requests for special equipment or furnishings must be made at time of application.

     ▪Groups of individuals under the age of 21 must have an adult sponsor in attendance at their meetings at all times.

     ▪Children must be supervised at all times.  The Library is not responsible for children left unattended in the Library while their parent or guardian attends a function in the meeting room.

     ▪Persons attending meetings are subjected to all Library rules and regulations.  Excessive noise or disruption to the functions of the Library is not permitted.  The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to Library operations.

     ▪The Library may deny use of the room to a group who has abused its past privileges in using the meeting rooms or other Library facilities.

     ▪Attendance at meetings must be limited to the seating capacity specified at the Library.

     ▪Chairs and tables available in the Meeting Rooms must be set up and put away by each group using the rooms.

     ▪The Library will not be responsible for lost or damaged materials used in exhibits or programs.

     ▪Smoking is not allowed in the Library or the Meeting Room.

     ▪The Library Meeting Rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition if used.

     ▪Groups may be required to provide written documentation (such as charter, bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc.) as to the nature of their group to the Library Director prior to approval for use of the meeting room.



     ▪Library related functions will be given first priority.

     ▪Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any request may be cancelled at any time.  If the room is needed on an emergency basis for official government business or the reservation conflicts with library programming, the reservation shall be canceled and may be rescheduled at the groupís request.

     ▪A calendar of scheduled use of the meeting room will be kept in the Directorís office.

     ▪Because many organizations wish to use the Meeting Room, groups should reserve the room at least thirty (30) days in advance. 

     ▪Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the Director of the Library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the Meeting Room for other groups.

     ▪Reservations are not automatically renewable.


Applying for Use of Meeting Room

     ▪Application forms are available in the Directorís office.  Return the complete form to the Director of the Library.

     ▪Reservations will need to be made at least thirty (30) days in advance.

      ▪All Meeting room Fees due at time application is turned in.


Size of Meeting Rooms           

Meeting Room Fees

A key deposit of $10.00 is due upon confirmation of use of the facilities.  All remaining fees must be paid at least two (2) weeks prior to scheduled event.  After the event, when the room is checked and the key turned in, refund of the cleaning deposits will be made.  Correct cash is required-NO CHECKS OR CREDIT CARD.

Study Rooms

Study Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Patrons testing will have priority use of the study rooms.  There is a 2 hour limit for use of the study room.  Room can be reserved daily, weekly or monthly.  If you are a tutor and charge a fee, the room can be used for $30.00 a month.  Please see the Reference Librarian for reservation.

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