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The Oxford Fire Department was formed in the 1880’s and organized on May 18, 1884.  Mr. W. A. Orr was the first firefighter.  The first fire vehicle was a horse drawn wagon named the “Katie G” and was pulled by a big gray horse named “George”.  The Oxford Fire Department was started as a Volunteer Fire Department.  On April 14, 2007, the Oxford Fire Department became a Combination Department with the hiring of the first six full-time firefighters. 


The Oxford Fire Department operates out of 5 stations with 13 full-time firefighters, 3 part-time firefighters, 2 part-time dispatchers and 20 volunteer firefighters and covers approximately 100 square miles and 21 miles of interstate.  The fire department is a highly trained department with 17 members Firefighter I certified, 3 members Volunteer Firefighter I certified, 7 members Paramedics, 6 members Hazardous Materials Technicians, and several others have specialized training.  The Oxford Fire Department currently has a "Class 4" ISO rating and  responds to about 800 calls per year.


Station #1:        Dewey D. Webb Fire Station

                        70 E. 6th Street



Station #2:        Robert Hendricks Fire Station

                        1223 Friendship Road



Station #3:        Dennis M. Cox Fire Station

                        5125 Hwy 78 West



Station #4:        Earl P. Haynes Fire Station (Currently under construction)

                        48476 Alabama Hwy 21 S.


Station #5:        H. Kenneth Henson Fire Station

                        52 Dearmanville Road             



Dewey D. Webb was a member of the fire department from 1944 until his death in 1986 and the Fire Chief from 1960-1986.  Chief Webb was instrumental in starting the modernization of the fire department.


Robert Hendricks was a member of the fire department for several years and was killed in the line of duty responding to a fire call.


Dennis Cox was a member of the fire department for 18 years and died of a heart attack while watching time trials at the Talladega Super Speedway.


Earl P. Haynes has been a member of the fire department since January, 1972 and has been the Asst. Fire Chief since 1991.


Kenneth Henson was member of the fire department from 1958 until his death in 1991 and the Fire Chief from 1986-1991.